Welcome to the King Edward Camp Hill Old Girls’ Association website. The Association provides opportunities for those of us who have been part of the Camp Hill community over the years to keep in touch with each other. Membership of the Association is open to former students and current and former staff of the school.

We hold at least two social events a year for members so that we can get together to enjoy interesting presentations by former students and staff and renew old acquaintances and establish new ones. These events are held at Camp Hill so there is always an opportunity to look around the school to see how it has developed and changed – and reminisce about the past. To find out more about future and past meetings, please go to the events section of the website.

We appreciate that work and family commitments and distance from Birmingham may make it difficult for you to join us on these social occasions, but this is not an obstacle to maintaining your contact with the school wherever you are in the world. We publish two very informative Newsletters a year, which makes it as easy as possible for you to remain in touch with the school community. The Newsletters keeps you up to date with what former students and teachers are doing now, and the current school news. Many Old Girls contribute articles to the Newsletters and we are always delighted to receive their news and views.

We are developing this website as an initiative to promote further ease of communication between members. We have also opened a Facebook group called Kechoga. To preserve privacy this is a closed group by invitation only to former students and staff. So if you want to join the group please use the email in Contact Us or search in Facebook.

The school recognises the valuable contribution former students can make to the educational experiences of current students. It welcomes the active involvement of Old Girls in a number of ways, such as giving careers and interview advice and taking on mentoring roles. So there are plenty of opportunities for you to become involved with future generations of Camp Hill students, if you so wish.

We hope that you will join us and continue to be engaged with the Camp Hill community.

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